Grade 2/3/4SC

Jump Off!


In the morning we did four different activities. We played helicopter, practised on long ropes, practised tricks and saw who could skip the longest without stopping. The winner were-

Prep – Sylvie and Angus

Grade 1/2 – Isha

Grade 3/4 – Tess and Francis

Grade 5/6 – Shay and Dom

Our school champions with 3:40 of continuous skipping were Dom and Francis.

At lunchtime we had a showcase, where we could show off our mad skipping skills that we had been practising. We saw preps skipping and even doing criss-cross, and other doing tricks with a long rope. The last group of students did flips, piggy backs, backwards and 360s with the long rope. They were amazing.

We raised over $780 for the heart foundations thanks to all our fundraiser and their sponsors.

Let’s keep our heart health and skip everyday!

What tricks can you do with a skipping rope?
Can you beat our champions time (3:40) of continuous skipping? What was your time?

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