Grade 2/3/4SC

June 25, 2015
by malmsburyps

Genius Hour.

Genius Hour is 2 hours of making and or creating. It has to be something you’re interested in.

This week our grade had Genius Hour, here is some information about our projects.

Molly and Natalie were sewing sock dolls and clothes for them. You make a sock doll by getting a sock, sewing the sides to make arms, stuffing it then sewing up the hole at the bottom of the sock. Molly and Natalie love sewing.


Brodie was researching different types of rabbits. He went on Google to research about the different rabbits and he was using the information to create a powerpoint presentation. Brodie chose to research rabbits because he likes rabbits. He has a pet rabbit and he wants to learn more about them.


Bella’s Hair Salon was a BIG hit! Loads of people went there. You could get your hair sprayed a different colour or styled.




Tobe’s duck poster is very interesting. Tobe loves ducks and likes learning more about them.IMG_3027

Harrison’s drawings looked awesome! (and he didn’t copy them off images, he drew them all himself!) If people don’t have an idea for a character in a story then they can use one of Harrison’s characters. Great idea Harrison!IMG_3029

Erin’s sewing was cool. She was sewing a skirt for Isha.IMG_3039

Mia was learning more about her culture. Her mum helped her. They created a powerpoint presentation so we could all learn more about her culture and country at Uluru. We learnt some Pitjantjatjara words and saw pictures of her country.IMG_3045

Ella made a horse out of cardboard. It was very tall! Ella loves horses.IMG_3048

Brandan and Frankie made a powerpoint presentation on AFL history.IMG_3021

Rosie and Eliza made very messy, interesting science experiments.IMG_3035

And I wrote this report on our Genius Hour! It was a really fun Genius Hour and we are excited for the next one!

By Conor.20150623_131906


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